Backhoe Service in Adams County, WA

Excavation Experts

Joe’s Excavation Inc. offers a full scope of excavation services. Our specialties range from demolition, to system installations to foundation digging and beyond. When you need it done right, the first time, give us a call.


Site Preparation/Site Work

Joe’s Excavation Inc. offers foundation and footer digging. With detailed precision, we prep your location to ensure your project has a solid start and firm foundation on which to build.

Utility Contractor

We offer professional installation of sewer lines, sewer mains, water lines and fire lines. When you want to ensure your utilities are properly installed for a long life of smooth, efficient service, we’re your perfect partner. We apply industry-leading methods to achieve optimal results for sewer installation in Adams County, WA.

Septic Systems and Drain Fields/Leach Field

A healthy septic system requires a healthy start. Proper preparation and installation is essential for longevity and reliability of service. The licensed professionals at Joe’s Excavation Inc. offer the expertise needed to ensure your septic system enjoys a long life of smooth operation.

Mobile Crushing

Do you need to demo large amounts of materials? Our mobile team will come on-site and crush asphalt, concrete and structures. Quick and efficient, we’ll complete your crushing in no time.


We offer top-quality products to complete your next project. When you need superior materials and service, contact our team. We offer crushed asphalt, crushed concrete, crushed gavel and dirt.


Additional Services

Joe’s Excavation offers the skill and equipment to complete a full range of excavation projects. Our additional specialties include:


Get It Done on Time

For excellence in service that gets your project done on time and on budget, contact the excavation experts at Joe’s Excavation Inc. Reach our certified professionals today at 509-488-5577.